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How To: Skin Tomatoes

A lot of barbecue masters will use skinned tomatoes for different sauces. This is a great trick to get the thin skinned fruit peeled without testing how thin YOUR skin is! Why peel it? Some say the skins add a bitter flavor to recipes. Start with a very clean tomato without any stem: Get a […]

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Where There’s Smoke There’s Not Fire

Sometimes the simple things can make an ordinary recipe a “secret” recipe. I’ve discovered one “trick” that adds a special kick to all sorts of sauces and marinades. Liquid Smoke. It is hard to believe they can bottle the stuff… but it’s simply condensed smoke. Made almost like moon shine condensed from the smoke of […]

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Gotta hand it to the Hogwild Barbecue Blog… They came up with a cool idea for smoking an egg. Whole. Un-cracked. They smoked it extra low – about 160 degrees for about an hour.And even that they say may be a bit over done. The smoke really DOES penetrate the shell too.They say if you […]

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