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Grill Choice: Natural Gas vs Propane

The choices for home grills are endless. When it comes to gas grills you may need to choose between natural gas and propane. So what are the basic things that you should know about these two grilling appliances so that you can properly choose between the two of them?

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BBQ Grill Preheat and Compound Butter

    Click to Play   From http://GrateTV.com Bill and Jack answer another Grate viewer email question, teach you how to make something hot out of something not, and go over the ins and outs of seasoning your grate with the gadget of the week. Fire it up! Tags: bbq, barbecue, barbeque, billwestbs, compound butter, […]

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Grill Gas Check Tip

Don’t get caught without a full tank!

Running out of propane is the number one killer of a great BBQ. Here’s our “hands on” trick for seeing inside that propane tank…

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