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Backwoods Competitor and Cooker Tricks

barbecue guruBackyard BBQ enthusiasts can learn a few tricks from competition cookers when it comes to hardware like top notch smokers and gadgets like the BBQ Guru and The Stoker to trick them out.

These days you’ll see a lot of hard core competitive cookers using a specially made smoker called the Backwoods Competitor from a company called Backwoods Smokers.  The takeaway here is you can get very consistent results with a well built air tight smoker.  If you use only charcoal or cook in KCBS or MIM sanctioned events or groups that only allow using wood or charcoal this model could be for you. The cooking is done with efficient use of charcoal.

The smoker features heavy duty latches and is built for competition. At 350 pounds it’s ready mount on a small trailer and with over 3000 square inches of cook space it can accommodate most all levels of competition other than whole hogs.

competition backwoods smokerCompetition cook Seth Watari says “We loaded up with hardwood lump at four in the morning and at eleven am and still had about half the charcoal left.”   That’s a perfect time frame for a low slow cook for home or competition.

Many teams will take this type of smoker to the next level with a remote controlled blower add on.  The most popular brands being the BBQ Guru and The Stoker can be purchased in kits ranging from 200 to 500 dollars. The main heat source is charcoal and the use of an electric blower and remote control still falls within competition guidelines.

“The BBQ Guru…also has a meat probe and it has an alarm so when you hit your target temperature it will regulate the inside of the oven to hold it there. I’m a fan.” says cooker Mark Lamb from the Carolina Moon cook team.

Jack Waiboer from Carolina Pitmasters likes The Stoker’s remote control capabilities, “We can actually run multiple cookers off an iPhone or a laptop computer.”

When you get your system down and timing just right it’s hard to beat the solid construction and hi-tech consistency the Backwoods Smoker with a BBQ Guru or Stoker can offer cook teams and the dependable quality even a backyard BBQ enthusiast will appreciate.

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