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BBQ Competition Checklist

What did they forget?

What did they forget?

Be Prepared. It’s a long time motto of the Boy Scouts; but it could very easily apply to barbecue competitions.  There’s so much to remember.  So much you need to be ready for.  On top of everything you need to keep things sanitary!

The Kansas City BBQ Society has some pointers for prepping for your first competition.  You can get your supplies in our BBQ Shop powered by Amazon for the best prices.   Feel free to print the PDF  list below.  Share it.  Make copies (better yet just book mark this page)!  There’s a lot to keep track of.

Competition Checklist << Print This PDF

Competition Checklist
Have Need Cooking Supplies Have Need Storage & Cleaning
Aprons Aluminum Foil
Ash Bucket Aluminum Pans
Charcoal Bleach
Chimney Broom
Cooker(s) Coleman Sink?
Cutting Board(s) Coolers
Fire Starters Dish Rags
Injectors/Brine Pump Dish Soap
Knives Dish Tubs
Lighter/Matches Dust Pan
Paper Bags Gloves (Grill & Latex)
Pot Holders Grate Wipes
Propane Hand Sanitizer
Sharpener(s) Hand Soap
Smoke Wood Paper Towels
Spatulas Plastic Wrap
Spray Bottles Toilet Paper
Thermometers Trash Bags
Tongs & Cooking Utensils Water Container(s)
Turkey Fryer Wet Wipes
Ziploc Bags (1 Gallon)
Ziploc Bags (2 Gallon)
Have Need Food/Drinks/Etc. Have Need Miscellaneous
Apple Juice Banner(s)/Flag(s)
Beer/Adult Beverages Batteries
Briskets Bucket
Butts Bug Spray/Candles/Etc.
Chicken Camera
Honey Chairs
Ice Clean Cloths
Lettuce Cots/Hammocks/Etc.
Marinade Disposable Ponchos
Parsley Duct Tape
Ribs Extension Cords
Rub/Slather Fire Extinguisher
Sauce First Aid Kit
Snacks Flashlights
Sodas/Water Gasoline
Whole Hog Generator
Paper Plates
Plastic Cups/Koozies
Pot Holders
Sleeping Bags/Tent
Spare Cooker Parts
Tables & Table Covers
Tools/Screw Drivers/Hammer/Scissors
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  1. Brad sloan says:

    Great list, I printed it out.

    Brad BBQ
    BBQ catering Dallas


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