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Bic FlameDisk Disposable Fire Source Review

BIC_GRILL.Still003Ever need a fast source of heat or fire in a portable and disposable form?    The Bic Flame Disk may be for you.  This giant sterno in a pie pan is perfect for fast fire for tailgating or camping as a charcoal alternative.

I know we have a lot of charcoal purists out there.  But BBQ Tricks has always been about making things a bit easier.   Sometimes that MAY mean taking a short cut to really be able to enjoy the moment.   Remember grilling – especially during tailgate season –  can be hot and fast as well as low and slow.

The Bic FlameDisk is pretty affordable too – get it here (this is not a paid endorsement but via amazon you will support this site)  BIC Charcoal Alternative FlameDisk, 10-Pack.

unbox_flameThe fuel inside the sealed tin (like a jiffy pop full of vaseline) is a solid white sterno-like substance.  It’s a corn alcohol based fuel (i’m sure sterno is a brand name but it smells the same).  The flame/fuel did not add any discernible taste to the food we cooked.   Unlike “match light” charcoal.

Sure you could actually save a few bucks with a few sterno tins but the form factor here was really nice.    High heat and a super wide flame base due to the evenly spaced holes across the tin’s surface.


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