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Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill Review

weber performer deluxeBy Devendra Mali

Weber have been making grills for a long time, but they’re not regarded as an old-fashioned company, because everything they do is so innovative. As the market for grills continues to grow, they keep responding with new pioneering designs to keep buyers interested. One of these designs was a bowl shaped cooking area which is now well-known and easily recognizable worldwide. Another huge Weber success was perfecting the art of grill grate manufacture, and both of these are present on the Weber Performer Deluxe 22-Inch Charcoal Grill, which has become Weber’s standout product. We’re going to discuss it here; taking a tour through all the features and identifying some potential flaws. Ultimately after reading this review, you’ll have an idea about whether a purchase would be right for you.


  • 363 square inches of cooking space
  • 22-Inch cooking bowl
  • Easy Set-up
  • Porcelain-enameled surface for ease of cleaning
  • Removable timer
  • Excellent grates


  • Design could have been more visually pleasing
  • Inaccurate lid-thermometer


The Performer Deluxe weighs 99 pounds, but they’ve installed great wheels, so you’ll be able to roll it out into the back garden with very little effort. The measurements are 41.2 inches in length by 28.5 inches of width and the height is 50.2 inches, so it’s a pretty big unit, that offers lots of space for all your cooking needs, but if you want to transport it you’ll have to take the Performer apart and re-assemble. Fortunately the assembly is doable in 15 minutes, following the instructions in the manual, so you’ll be able to take it with you for camping trips and tailgating parties. If you recognize the bowl, that’s because it’s the same design Weber used on the Original Kettle Grill, with the difference here being the inclusion of the wheeled cart with extra space for food preparation. The shopping cart style design could have been a little more pleasing to look at, but it would be harsh to labor this point, because this is one absolutely incredible grill, for reasons I’ll explain in the performance section.


I mentioned the bowl was the same as on the Original Kettle, and while this is true, when it comes to design and how it looks; there’s more to it than that. In gas grilling, BTU output and grates determine a products success, whereas in charcoal grilling, grates are all-important. Grates retain heat, and disperse it outwardly, enabling food to cook, and the speed at which they do this, along with how evenly they hold heat inside, is the difference between greatness, and an average taste. Weber did something magical here with the grates; they’re the perfect thickness, are made of solid cast-iron, and cook food in a way Weber have tried to re-create on other grills like the Original Kettle, but never quite succeeded. These grills are very good, and with the Performer, you get magical moist flavor-filled end results that have no parallels. When you pair these grates, with the added benefit of the bowl system enabling you to cook whole chickens and turkeys, as well as stake and ribs, you get outrageously good value.

Have you ever started cooking, and you got called inside almost immediately, only to run back out fearing your food might be burnt? Have you ever been grilling, and felt like you’d rather be watching TV until the food is done? Usually, you’d be risking an imperfect dinner, but Weber have helpfully included a detachable timer, so you can take it with you wherever you go, and always be in full control of your barbecue. This is classic Weber, to have an idea of what specific things would make grilling easier for customers, and adding them on.

In this same vain, the ash-catcher on the Performer Deluxe, will also please customers. Isn’t it annoying to see ash flying around as you cook? Well, the Performers ash-catcher is enclosed so none escapes, and ash will stick to its surface at the bottom. When you want to clean it out, the ash will simply fall into a garbage bag. The whole grill is just as easy to clean, with Weber’s porcelain-enamel coating, so one wipe will completely clean the grill, ready for its next use. This way you can enjoy your 363 square inches of space, rather than worry about how long it’s going to take to scrape all the debris off it.

The only thing I’d say against the Performer is that they tried to sweeten the deal by including a lid thermometer, but it doesn’t work very well and isn’t all that accurate. Fortunately though, the Performer does heat up quickly and reaches temperatures of over 470 degrees; just don’t rely on the thermometer to tell you that.


These are the best grates in existence, outside of commercial grills used at restaurants. Weber have also provided 363 square inches of space, an easy to clean surface, detachable timer, a great ash-catcher, and extra space to prepare food. This is a phenomenal grill, and that’s why it’s so popular, even though it does have an unreliable thermometer. The Verdict: A supreme new high in grill manufacture.

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How to Replace Burners on a Weber Grill Wed, 23 Mar 2016 16:27:54 +0000 Need to replace the burners on your Weber grill? Find out how to quickly troubleshoot your grill for problems with the burners and install new Weber grill parts quickly and easily.

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Weber – Photo: Flickr:hepp

By Rebekah Sanders

While Weber is most known for their line of charcoal grills, they also make a large variety of high-quality gas grills that are popular with consumers. If your grill isn’t heating up all the way or you have uneven heat, the burners are most likely the problem. Here’s a walkthrough to help you confirm that the burners do need replacement as well as how to do it.

Do the burners need to be replaced?

The first step is to make sure your burners are in fact beyond repair. Start by making sure the propane tank has enough fuel then look for leaks in the fuel hose by using a solution of water and dishwashing liquid. If you see bubbles in the solution, there’s a leak in the line. In this case you’ll need to order some affordable replacement grill parts to fix the leak. Next, try lighting the burners to high for 10 minutes. Check the spider screens for any blocks that may prevent propane from reaching the burner itself.

You can also try resetting the excess flow safety device. To do this, turn all burners off and turn off the valve on the propane cylinder. Disconnect the regulator valve, turn all burners to high and wait one minute. Now, turn the burners off again and reconnect the regulator valve. Turn the valve on the tank back on and test the burners.

If these steps didn’t work you’ll need to replace the burners of your grill. Here’s how to do it.

How to Replace Weber Grill Burners

1. Get the right Weber grill parts. You’ll need your model number to make sure you order the right burners. You can either order grill parts online to save money or see if your local hardware store has them in stock.

2. Now, turn off the valve on the propane tank and disconnect the cylinder, removing it from the tank, as well as the cooking grates and flavorizer bars.

3. Remove the control panel by taking out the screws holding it in place.

4. Loosen the burners by turning the nut underneath with a pair of pliers.

5. Pull the burner up at an angle to remove the burner along with the tube assembly.

6. Insert new burners in the same position and make sure the burner tubes fit inside the venturi tubes behind the control panel. The burner tubes don’t actually attach to the venturi tubes but should be at least 1/2″ inside so they don’t become disconnected if the grill is bumped.

7. Reattach the locking nut under the grill to secure the burners in place.

8. Reattach the control panel and put the cooking grate, flavorizer bars and propane tank back in place.

9. Reattach the propane gas regulator to the valve and turn it back on.

That’s all it takes to replace the burners on your Weber grill. While Weber grill parts are made well, all burners eventually wear out and need replacing. Make sure you order the right parts and you’ll find it’s easy to do the work yourself and save money without buying a brand-new grill.

BBQ Grill Parts USA sells a wide variety of gas grill parts including grill accessories, burners, heat plates and ignitors. To restore performance to your grill, check out the selection of parts from top grill brands like Weber, Charbroil and many more. Visit BBQ Grill Parts USA to find replacement grill parts for your grill.

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Hot Pack Replacement Sun, 20 Dec 2015 22:52:01 +0000 If you are looking for a Hot Pack replacement for your casserole carrier or any insulated food carrier the Vesture hot pack replacement is a great choice.  Here’s a link the the one in the video (on Amazon) Vesture 110.90.09640 Large Element – 40 oz. 8 Inch x 12 Inch Microcore Pacs .  As I mentioned it...

The post Hot Pack Replacement appeared first on Barbecue Tricks.

hot-pacIf you are looking for a Hot Pack replacement for your casserole carrier or any insulated food carrier the Vesture hot pack replacement is a great choice.  Here’s a link the the one in the video (on Amazon) Vesture 110.90.09640 Large Element – 40 oz. 8 Inch x 12 Inch Microcore Pacs .  As I mentioned it kept the contents hot for over three hours and was still almost too warm to hold in my bare hands.

There are definitely a few uses in the BBQ world.  Just heat in a microwave for three minutes and you are good to go for a long time.  Maybe a trick for the competition team too,

Amazon Description: Easily heated in your microwave or cooled in your refrigerator or freezer Safer than gel; filled with non-toxic liquid Distributes the heat or cold evenly Extremely durable FDA-approved flexible outer film can withstand over one ton of pressure! Can be placed in any type of container for continued heating or cooling One-Year Limited Warranty

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Best Grill and Smoker Thermometer – For Ultimate Cooking Experience Sun, 15 Nov 2015 22:49:26 +0000 The traditional process of BBQ has undergone severe changes over time and advancements in technology. Depending on your varying needs and concerns, you can opt for a smoker thermometer or a grill thermometer. Check out the difference...

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BBQ Thermometer

By Nicholas Bentley

The traditional process of cooking has undergone severe changes with the passage of time and advancements in technology. In order to make sure constant monitoring on the temperature of the food that cooks in the smokers or the grills, an extensive variety of kitchen thermometers are available. They are surely an extremely resourceful invention of advanced technology for the users.

Smoker thermometer

Owning a good Smoker thermometer at home can give you ideal health by providing you effective and reliable information about the temperature of smoker. Buying such smoker thermometer is a wise decision as it provides a hoard of features. Some of these include extended battery life, high illuminating display, Bluetooth connectivity, application integration and many more for the users.

Grill Thermometer

You can never acquire a consistent taste of meat, if you are unaware of the temperature at which your meat needs to cook. In this situation, it is essential to get the best grill thermometer for your kitchen and make sure perfect cooking of meat. This will particularly help you to become a culinary master for grilling and cooking.

Combined features of best grill and smoker thermometer

Both the types of thermometers have their own features. However, considering their purpose, there is a lot in common between them. Some of these combined features include as below:

  •  Capable of multi tasking: With the availability of exceptionally smarter technology in the market, it is important to find such grill and smoker thermometer, which is distinctively capable of performing multiple tasks at a time. Presently, Bluetooth smart technology is available in thermometers which allow the users to check the temperature of grill, smoker, oven or barbeque from remote places while you continue some other works. This type of thermometer emerges as the best grill thermometer due to easy accessibility from the Smartphones.

    Dual probe feature: Availability of dual probes is yet another common crucial feature of both grill thermometer and smoker thermometer, which draws the attention of the users. This particular feature allows you to become a master chef at your home owing to its huge flexibility. With two distinctive probes, your thermometer becomes capable of withstanding maximum temperature of 600 degree Fahrenheit and read maximum temperature of 393 degree Fahrenheit.

  •  Highly illuminating display: The users often prefer such thermometer that possesses an illuminating display to give quick information about the food temperature.
  • Equipped with Device connecting App: Several thermometers available in the market offer distinguished application to connect your device with your Smartphone. The best grill thermometer is generally available for use with both android or IOS based applications. It allows the users to integrate their smartphones with the device and get many benefits like timer, graphing, social sharing, exclusive recipes and more.
  •  Long lasting battery: Battery life also plays a crucial role while selecting the best grill thermometer for your kitchen.

The author is a professional writer having 3+ years experienced and here he is giving information about the best grill thermometer and smoker thermometer.

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Traeger Pellet Grill Sun, 17 May 2015 15:32:34 +0000 This Traeger Texas Pellet cooker is a barbecue trick in and of itself. Pellet grills like the Traeger or RecTec have become very popular. Here's some of the benefits of pellet cooking....

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rec tec vs traegerPellet Grills are like magic. The are a barbecue trick in and of themselves because they cook with real wood instead of other fuels sources like charcoal and propane.   It’s the most convenient way to get real wood taste and great smoke flavor.    We have tested the new Traeger Texas pellet grill and it is a winner.

Pellet Grills Benefits and Tricks:
Pellet cookers like the Traeger (and Rec Tec) allow the pitmaster (or is it pellet master?) to hold a low and slow consistent temperature over a very long cook.
See the latest Traeger Deals  on Amazon.

Another plus on the Traeger is the super easy set up and high quality.   The Traeger Texas was shipped to my home in a few boxes that were not too heavy (I could move them myself) and putting the fire and auger mechanism and legs together were pretty straight forward.  Took me approximately 30 minutes without the usual frustration of a lot of little bolts and parts.  Surprisingly easy for the technology you are setting up.

The pellet grill is versatile too.  It can fire hot and bake or “roast” over 400 degrees.
The electric fan or blower and an internal thermostat does the rest to control the burn and hold a steady temperature.    This thing can really do some baking / roasting if you are really into cooking with some higher heat.

So if you want smoked cookies.  This will do it!   But more common is that it’s great for competition guys as well as the backyarder.  And because it really heats with wood – the primary fuel source – it passes the muster indifferent BBQ competitions like the popular KCBS Kansas city BBQ Society.

Dan Caskie – Traeger Pellet Grill owner with Ledyard BBQ offers a few tricks and some insight:

Dan: “I’m firing it up right now you see the smoke coming up – so this definitely IS a smoker. I’ve got it on the smoke setting and once my smoke starts to come out I can close it up and reliably now that I have it set to my desired temperature, I give it about fifteen minutes, go rub my butts and it’s ready to smoke BBQ. I can leave the meat on there and never have to change anything. I usually wrap my butts… it’s kind of a “crutch” but with THIS there’s no need. Also thanks to the grease draining system… no need. I can leave it on here the whole cook until it’s ready to be perfect pulled pork.”

BBQTRICKS: What pellets do you use?
Dan:”So Traeger has a large line of them. I have a local supplier that I’m able to get them from pretty easily and Traeger also sends me some coupons from time to time so that’s nice. If I was going to do my butts I take a mixture of Hickory and Apple or even Maple. I like Maple a lot. They make a great Mesquite if you do any beef. I like to stay traditional with the Mesquite on beef.”
BT: So you’ll mix them like a recipe?
Dan:” That’s correct. I also like to layer them. I know the auger pulls them through. I like to start with some Hickory maybe finish with a fruit (wood) run. They also have a Pecan that is wonderful. It’s kind of a universal wood as well. You asked me earlier about getting a good smoke ring. One tip you might us is you might get a little more dark with Pecan. If you want that color… throw the Pecan in there. The Traeger is also great for high heat cooking. I can finish a butt and then throw some chicken on there. I have a multi rack on here so I can throw a bunch of racks of ribs or chicken on. I can crank that heat if I want to sear something quick. We like Bacon Pops. Cook ’em at 325 degrees F. Again, dial the temperature. It’s easy enough I can call my wife and tell her to throw something on the grill and she likes it because she’s involved. So we love Traeger grills. It’s doing great for us.”
BT: What’s your favorite meat to do on there?
Dan:” Chicken. By far this is a competition chicken cooker. Backyard chicken is wonderful. Anything that you want easy control of. Charcoal is great but it takes me a while to get everything set up and I always have to empty the bag. This… I just make sure my hopper is full. Put in my favorite flavor and I can get what I want out of it pretty easy.

Follow Dan with the hastag #TIMETOBBQ

The Traeger Pellet grill is in our opinion the king of pellet cookers. If you want to find out more about the Rec Tec I Ballistic BBQ and Amazing Ribs blogs have done more detailed things with the Rec Tec.

In summary pellet cookers are a fantastic convenience for the low and slow bbq master.  The pellets are a new cost to factor in to you cooking budget but it compares favorably to propane plus wood chips or charcoal plus wood chunks.  It will likely encourage your experimenting with new wood flavors.

Final tip: Remember to purchase an appropriate cover for the grill as water is an enemy of wood pellets.
Traeger Cover for Lil Tex or Lil Tex Elite Grill, Black


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