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St. Patrick’s Day BBQ http://barbecuetricks.com/st-patricks-day-bbq/ http://barbecuetricks.com/st-patricks-day-bbq/#respond Sat, 15 Mar 2014 17:57:59 +0000 http://barbecuetricks.com/?p=2245

potatoAaahh St Patricks Day… when the beer is cold and green and hopefully the beef is neither cold nor green.   This week on the GrateTV BBQ and Grill show we fired up Smokey O’Malley’s and thought you might want to add a little Irish flair to your potato popper on the grill!  Take a look HERE (or below).

We continue to look at Carb loaded BBQ this month for #STARCHMADNESS month and a bacon wrapped potato popper worked nicely in the series.

smokey omalley

Stuffing Smokey O’Malleys

More on how to stuff the potato here…


And make sure you add in some smokey Corned Beef and Cabbage to your weekend menu.  If you need the recipe – Watch it HERE (or also below).


corned beef

Watch: Corned Beef Recipe



corned beef

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Winterizing Your Grill http://barbecuetricks.com/winterizing-your-grill/ http://barbecuetricks.com/winterizing-your-grill/#comments Sat, 22 Feb 2014 13:41:03 +0000 http://barbecuetricks.com/?p=2219

Winterizing Your Grill

winterize grillBy David Felt

So you’ve got your heater on and your windows draft proofed. But there may be something you’re forgetting that also needs special preparation in the winter time. Your grill will last much longer if you take these steps in winterizing your grill.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your grill. It’s a dirty job but getting all of that that grease and grime off now will be easier than cleaning it off when you go to use in the summer. Start up your grill and let it run on high for about 15-20 minutes, this will burn off any food that may have accumulated. Turn it off and let it cool, then use a good degreaser and really scrub it.

    • Clean the grates the same way. By letting them heat up it’s loosened a lot of that grease and will now be much easier to clean.


    • Clean the outside of the grill with a wet cloth. Clean the carbon that has built up on the inside of the lid as well. Do not use a scouring pad on the outside, this will damage the paint and thin the metal. If you are going to use an abrasive cleaner, test it on a small spot first and see how the surface reacts.


    • Take this opportunity to make any small repairs your grill may need. Replace any lines or washers that appear worn. Clean the lines and your propane tank as well. Find anything that needs to be replaced now, and order it. By the time you’re getting the grill ready during the summer you will have all the parts at hand.


    • Take a plastic bag and wrap your grill’s burners. This will prevent any moisture from settling on the element causing them to rust. Coating the burners and interior metal parts with cooking oil will also prevent moisture from building. The plastic bag will also prevent any insects or small animals from turning your grill into their winter home.


  • Store your BBQ for the winter. If it is moveable put your grill in the garage or shed. If not buy a good grill cover that will keep dirt, rain and snow from accumulating on it. If you already have a grill cover, check it beforehand. Make sure there are no rips or tears in the cover that can leave the grill susceptible to the elements. Spending $30 on a new grill cover now is better than spending $300 on a new grill in the summer.

Taking these steps to winterize your grill will ensure that come summertime your grill is in condition to fire up and start grilling.

David Felt is an account manager at Modern Propane and a grill master. He understands that the quality of food coming off a grill greatly depends on the grill itself. You can find out more about Modern Propane at http://www.modernpropane.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Felt



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More Than Just BBQ For The Big Game http://barbecuetricks.com/more-than-just-bbq-for-the-big-game/ http://barbecuetricks.com/more-than-just-bbq-for-the-big-game/#respond Wed, 29 Jan 2014 00:53:58 +0000 http://barbecuetricks.com/?p=2207

superbowl party

Photo: Flickr/danexoniel

Make Your Super Bowl Party a Real Blast!

Football fans are cranking up for the Super Bowl and maybe you’ve been volunteered to host this year. Sometimes breaking out of the same ole’ mold of entertaining can be difficult. Over the years of hosting, I’ve come up with some tips that might help out your next shindig:

Think Finger Foods

When the whole crew shows up and gets ready to chow down, they most likely don’t want a five-course dinner. Break out the munchies and the appetizers.  Any types of dip will do. My favorite to make is buffalo chicken dip! I use the recipe from Frank’s RedHot.

Personal Touch: For my birthday last year, my husband bought me a wooden tray and dip set from RedEnvelope’s Hostess Gifts page. We use it every time we entertain!

Let’s Talk Turkey


Spice things up with a main course in addition to your assortment of snacks. A deep fried turkey is always our guests’ favorite. My husband loves to man the deep fryer station. It also gives the guys a chance to shoot the breeze while they keep tabs on the bird’s progress.

Try a New Drink Recipe!


You might feel pressured to empty out the liquor store for your big event, but there’s no need to spend a fortune. Something simple we like to make is a “Beer Mojito” You can offer a new take on cocktails with the beer mojito. It’s beer with a twist. See the recipe at CookingTV.com!

Everyone Loves the Commercials!


If you’re like me, you pay extra attention to the commercials. A fun game we like to play is picking your favorite commercial after the game – put each entry into a hat and pick the winner. Whoever gets chosen – wins a prize!

Keep it Simple


Stock up on napkins, paper plates, plastic cups, and disposable cutlery, this makes the cleanup less stressful and a lot shorter! Send leftovers home with everyone to make it easier on your refrigerator and stomach.

A Super Bowl party might seem like a big challenge. Take a deep breath, get organized, and you can roll with it. I hope these tips help out! Good luck!


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The World’s 10 Best BBQ Festivals 2013 http://barbecuetricks.com/the-worlds-10-best-bbq-festivals-2013/ http://barbecuetricks.com/the-worlds-10-best-bbq-festivals-2013/#respond Fri, 29 Nov 2013 13:30:09 +0000 http://barbecuetricks.com/?p=2163

The World’s 10 Best BBQ Festivals 2013

festival barbecueBy Benjamin I Smith

Looking for the world’s 10 best BBQ festivals and events? Here are some great festivals you can attend for some amazing BBQ dishes.

1. BBQ Festival Memphis

The Memphis in May International Festival has been held since 1977 and you’ll find some great BBQ at this event. This event celebrates international and southern cultures. There’s also the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest where teams compete for bragging rights and the title. There’s a large party that goes on while the contest takes place. This is a great festival to take part in and there’s a lot to do.

2. Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

This party has contestants from around the country take to the streets around Madison Square Park to create top notch BBQ for the people of New York City. You’ll find all types of barbecue here such as pig form St. Louis or mutton from Kentucky, there’s something at this festival for everyone. This is one of the best BBQ festivals you can go to in the country. If you love BBQ then you need to go to New York City to take in this festival. Each year you’ll find something a bit different at the party to take in and discover. You’ll also meet a lot of interesting people at this party and form new friendships too.

3. Owensboro Barbecue Festival

This festival was created to help raise money for local charities. There’s a lot of fierce competition at this festival and great food too. Local teams work to win the Governor’s Cup for the best cooking team. People at the festival can sample the food created by these teams and there’s even a Backyard Cook-Off competition for regular people to show off their BBQ skills. There’s also a lot of other entertainment here such as life performances and carnival rides for the kids as well as face painting and other fun things to do. You can work off all the good food at the 5K walk or run.

4. Smoke On the Mountain

At Galax Virginia you can take in the Smoke on the Mountain BBQ Championship. This is a two day event with a whole hog, pork shoulder, and pork rib competition. This is straight BBQ without the use of any marinades or other sauces prior to the inspection of the meat. Sauces can be used once the meat is inspected. The festival also has booths and vendors as well as various other things to do.

5. I Love Barbecue Festival

At Lake Placid, New York you can take in the I Love Barbecue Festival. Teams compete in steak, sausage, Chicken, and Pizza categories as well as ribs. The public determines the winner of this competition and there’s a lot of live musical performances at this festival too.

6. Blue Ridge BBQ & Musical Festival

In Tryon North Caroline you can take part in the Blue Ridge BBQ & Musical Festival. There’s a lot of blues music at this festival as well as the pork cooking contest which is then judged by the Kansas City Barbecue Society

7. Tennessee Funfest

The Tennessee Funfest is one of the area’s largest BBQ festivals and it send proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association of the Mid-South. There’s a Tennessee State Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest with seafood, beef, and whole hog competitions. You’ll find other non-BBQ competitions too. Other things to do include carnival rides, music and more.

8. Great Southern Tailgate Cook-off

This Kansas City BBQ competition offers over $20,000 in prizes and cash. There’s crafts, arts, live music, and great food at this competition. Other things to do include a volleyball tournament and a bean bag toss competition.

9. National Capital Barbecue Battle

At the National Capital Barbecue Battle in Washington, DC, there’s a great BBQ event that you’ll want to go to. This takes place along the historic Pennsylvania Avenue. There’s a competition with over $400, 000 in prizes given out. Other things include merchandise stands, and musical performances.

10. Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival

In Kennesaw, Georgia you can take part in this awesome BBQ festival. This festival combines BBQ with fresh peaches. There are contests for amateur as well as the Georgia State Championship for professionals. There’s also the each dessert for the bakers. The kids can enjoy a playa area and there’s various booths and exhibits at the event.

Read more at Best Outdoor Grills

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Benjamin_I_Smith



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