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Coffee Mop Sauce Recipe – Texas Style

Coffee Mop Sauce

Coffee Mop Sauce

When barbecuing big slabs of beef like Brisket or Tri-Tip the Texans know a secret trick.   Slather on the sauce early and often throughout the low and slow cooking process to layer on Texas sized flavor.

In fact, the unique sauce they use inherited a new name and BBQ classification.  The thin sauce is called a “Mop” because it’s typically too thin to hold on to a regular basting brush and requires a “mop” type floppy cotton yarn brush to soak up the liquid and baste over the beat.  It’s a sloppy process.

History has it that President Johnson’s barbecue master Walter Jetton (yep. he had a BBQ master) made the mop famous in his 1960’s era book.

When used in Texas sized PITS sometimes a real household mop is re-purposed for this task to handle the huge quantity.   More likely you’ll want to use sa normal sized brisket and a commercially available “drawer sized” bbq mop like the one shown (or this Sauce Mop and Bucket Set from Amazon).


Use this peppery coffee mop sauce liberally on large cuts of beef to layer on flavor and keep the moisture in the meat.  Over time the mop will facilitate a rustic sweet bark on the surface of the meat.


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