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Egg Recipe with BBQ Smoke

Egg Recipe Smokedeggs on smokeHere’s and egg recipe that has just two main ingredients.  Eggs and smoke.

Around Easter you may be looking for something special for that extra basket of boiled eggs. Or maybe you want a new twist for a potato salad recipe.   Try this Smoked Egg Recipe.

The trick to boiling eggs is not a big secret.   Just cover the eggs in a pot of water.  Add in a spoon of salt and vinegar and bring to boil.  Once boiling take the pot off the heat for twelve minutes and then – with a slotted spoon – plunge them in ice water.

To add the smoke for our egg recipe we used a Brinkmann “bullet” style smoker with five lumps of charcoal and one large chunk of hickory.  Because this is cold smoking you can fill the water pan in the smoker to block what should be very low heat.

Add your boiled eggs (peeled or partially peeled) on the top grate and cold smoke for a full hour.

Remove the eggs and store together in the refrigerator overnight to further strengthen smoke flavor.

I experimented with fully shelled boiled eggs and cracked (and rolled) shell on boiled eggs hoping for an aesthetic difference akin to the tea infused eggs I had seen.

The egg recipe just screams keep it simple.  Just add smoke and a bit of salt and you have something special.  You can take it further as a secret ingredient in deviled eggs or an potato salad recipe. It’s one more reason to get your kids to hunt for Easter eggs.


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