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Grilled Corn on the Cob

silver queen corn

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I love corn. I mean I love corn any way –  grilled, fried, baked, creamed, in a casserole, muffin, pudding or soufle’, etc. But one of the best ways to serve corn in the summer when you can get that really good Silver Queen corn on the cob, is on the grill.

There are also many ways to cook it on a bbq grill. You can pull the husks back, remove the silks, wash and replace the husks to grill, or you can remove all the trappings, season and wrap in foil. Either way, just make sure you have some oil-based product on them before sealing them up to grill. It will turn out juicy and packed with flavor.

I recommend coating each ear with mayonnaise – I know, what? It doesn’t have a mayo taste once it’s cooked, it just preserves moisture.

So, back to the mayonnaise. Once you have a real mess on your hands, literally, and have them slathered up really well, sprinkle with chili powder for a little sweetness (or you can just use sugar) and salt. Lastly drizzle a small amount of lime juice on each ear and then wrap and seal tightly in aluminum foil and place them on the grill for about 20-25 minutes. Yum! It doesn’t matter what you serve with that – it’s gonna be the main course!

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  1. Love reading your insights on food 😀 You’ve yourself a pretty cool blog, the culinary (and not so culinary) choices are definitely limitless! Looking forward to reading your upcoming post!!


  1. […] Corn on the cob can be a hassle to get clean and free from silks.   Here’s a quick trick to get each cob super clean and – since this is Barbecue Tricks it’s nice to free up the grill for the meat!   Take a look. […]

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