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Jim and Nick’s BBQ Worth a Stop

Pork on top, Brisket on the bottom.

Sometimes it seems like the big chains get it all wrong with BBQ.   The more you try to mass produce the more is lost or cheapened in the process.

Not the case with Jim ‘N Nick‘s Barbecue.   After a quick lunch visit last week I can see they are the real deal.  Low and slow prep with fantastic sides and a killer smoke ring too.    Hickory smoked shoulders – low and slow for 14 hours according to the website.

We visited the Jim and Nicks on King Street in downtown Charleston, SC.   The million dollar South Carolina address made me feel like we were in the barbecue capital of the world.     In fact,  Jim ‘N Nick’s is in over seven states and almost 30 locations.  It’s a big operation with a nice hometown feel.     Love the neon pig sign out front.

They claim “Scratch Made Everything” and it tastes legit.  I had a feast of the “Double Decker” featuring some pulled pork on top and beef brisket on the bottom.   I savored picking apart each level and noted a strong red smoke ring on both the pork and the beef.   As usual I preferred the spicy version of their sauce… but would have been happy with a little less butter on the bun.  It didn’t stop me.

The Cheese biscuits will make me come back...

All the sides were good but the basket of cheese biscuits they served (and re-filled) were the best.   At first I thought it was a special cornbread with it’s substantial heft.  But it sounds like the biscuits are one of the claims to fame.    Make sure you try ’em.

We also sampled a variety of tacos (they feature Taco Tuesdays at some locations) with a good dose of pico and cilantro along with the pulled pork.  Another winner.

We left stuffed and happy with a few items still to try.  Next time ribs and onion rings.

With the memory of those Cheese biscuits still in my head I decided to search for a good recipe to mimic them and lo and behold there are a few copycats out there.    I’ll pass along this step by step from the Gastronomy Blog worth a mention for the great photos.

Great Curb appeal in Charleston

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5 Responses to “Jim and Nick’s BBQ Worth a Stop”

  1. Liss Thomas says:

    The bread is awesome. We call it crack bread!

  2. CHERYL says:


  3. Erin says:

    We used to live in Charleston and when I worked at the Tanger Outlets, I would hit the drive thru almost every day for lunch! The pulled pork nachos are insane, and I always picked up an order of the cheddar “biscuits” which aren’t even really biscuits. They are little pillows of heavenly goodness, of which, I am sure they put crack in! And their lemonade is also amazing. So many places do that nasty Minute Maid crap, but this tastes fresh. Maybe not fresh squeezed, but not from a mix. One after my husband and I moved to Las Vegas (far far away from my beloved Jim n Nicks on Tanger Outlet Blvd), i left them a great review on their website and a sweet kind young lady called me asking me for my address. I had written that we are military and moved so far away from a Jim n Nicks and would they PLEASE open a location in Vegas, because there really isn’t anything that compares to them. I was a little leery of giving out my addy, but I did, and about a week later, I receive a package. In it was a bag of the biscuit mix and each of their seasonings that they sell. About $25 worth of stuff for nothing. So not only is their food amazing, but their customer relations department is top notch. This is why whenever I travel back to the South, I am sure to stop at one of their locations for pulled pork nachos, biscuits, and a giant lemonade!

    • Bill West says:

      Cool story about the public relations… they seem to be doing it all right. Including the BBQ (I always smell smoke when i visit – that’s a must!) and the biscuits!


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