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Three Tips For Tenderizing

Three quick tricks for London Broil and tenderizing beef. Step through the process of preparing this easy and fantastic grilled feast.

London Broil Can be a tough cut of beef.  Here are three simple tricks to maximize tenderness in the beef for your next barbecue with friends.  It always starts with a nice clean looking London Broil.  This method and recipe below also works great with a flank steak or skirt steak for Fajitas.

Tip/Trick 1 – Whack It

First use that hammer thingy you’ve seen around kitchens for years.  The good old fashioned way to beat the raw beef into “submission.”   You’re almost pre-chewing it… but in the end your BBQ will still look pristine.   The thicker the cut the more you can

London Broil

hammer it.  Another trick  I show in the video is to wrap the slab in plastic to avoid shirt staining splattering.

Tip/Trick 2 Marinate

Secondly, use a nice marinade to soften the newly damaged fibers.    Some grillers may choose to use a high acid marinate to boost the tenderizing effects.

Tip/Trick 3 Go Against The Grain

Third, let the cooked meat rests for ten minutes or so (it’s pretty important but usually people get in too much of a hurry).  Carve your London Broil AGAINST the grain of the meat fibers or perpendicular to the strands of beef in pencil thin slices.     It’s another level of  jaw grinding your guests don’t have to deal with and the presentation is awesome.
The Not So Secret marinade here relies on a dose of smoke but it’s super easy.
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