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I get questions about sources and products (BBQ, video and blog) all the time and thought this might be a quick one stop check on some of the products and tools I turn to in the real world.  I’ll keep adding to this list so check back.

Note: A few of the links below are affiliate links to places like Amazon where I earn commissions if you purchase through those links.  You can know that if I list an item below I do use, recommend, and find the company trustworthy and helpful.

steakBBQ Ingredients:

If you are happy with your local butcher for meat you should stick with what you know.  However we’ve found a few more options outside supermarkets in our area.

Snake River Farms  is one of the only Competitive BBQ meat providers we’ve found. If you need American Kobe (Wagyu) brisket they are the most trusted source. They’ve also created a Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket club for best pricing.

Some spices for BBQ can be hard to find in stores locally. However they are affordable to ship. If you are looking for top quality, incredibly fresh spices look into

traeger pelletGrills & Gear

I’ve become a fan of pellet cookers and this Traeger Texas Elite is my go to favorite when I need smoke flavor. Pellets are said to be proprietary but here’s another option for price comparison.

My first smoker was this electric Brinkmann and you can not beat the price.  Same goes for the Brinkmann charcoal version. I still think it’s a great starter.

Some first time competition BBQ teams don’t realize teams can get disqualified for not having a simple fire extinguisher.  This Kidde brand FA110 Extinguisher on Amazon is the best price we’ve found and the gauge lets you be confident it’s still dependable after a year in the garage. We keep one in the home kitchen too.

BBQ BookBlog & Book:

I’ve used 99Designs to create several logos and most recently for the book cover for the BBQ Blueprint. I like the opportunity to get several designers competing and the addition of creating a social vote for friends and family to opine was a surprisingly eye opening (and decision changing) experience.

Fiverr is also a favorite for smaller jobs.  In fact there are new options for larger “gigs” that I have used. Sin Sin, the Fiverr vendor i used for book interior design was super. He has since opened his own book design service.


For creating videos I have been using a Canon T3i and love it. However on my last check Canon has replaced the model with the T5i that looks to be the T3i’s equal. I have recently started using this “thrifty fifty” Canon EF 50mmf/1.8 lens for a lot of the close up BBQ shots.  Great depth of field for food and vlogs. Also looks like it’s discontinued but still available HERE.


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