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Rotisserie Roasted Spiral Cut Pineapple

spit roasted pineapple

This recipe is simple.  But you need a proper rotisserie you are comfortable with.

bbq pineappleThe trick is to give the fruit some pizzazz with a nifty spiral cut.

Peel your pineapple with a sharp knife and create a spiral pattern to remove all the unsavory “eyes” along the flesh of the fruit.  These ridges not only look really cool they act as a receptacle for the butter, sugar and cocoa “rub.”

We used a crystal cane sugar because it has a higher burn temperature and it will create a caramel crust.

Slice in rounds right off the spit or slice and serve with a dollop of ice cream.  Your barbecue guests with think you are showing off and will love this flashy and delicious desert.


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