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Shrimp and Old Bay: GrateTV Podcast

This week the gadget is all about shrimp… plus a classic spice takes on a new rub.  GrateTV is a weekly webcast on all things BBQ and grilling from backyard to the competition circuit.

Jack and I had a good time knocking out a few shrimp on the “barbi” but he was quick to discover that our demo on deveining would not be as slick because I had purchased cleaned and de-veined shrimp.   Oh well.  That’s why GrateTV is on YouTube not Food Network.

Shrimp is a good thing for the show… it’s super quick to cook and our show is only a beer in length so we can pretty much get it all done quickly.   As for recipes in the show… all we did this week is rub down the deveined shrimp with our secret ingredient for the week… Old Bay seasoning.  In fact, Old Bay has a spice RUB that is prepackaged for things just like this.  It’s a lot like the seafood/shrimp/crab seasoning that is the Old Bay namesake bit they’ve added som sugar and it works really nicely on shrimp.  Jack chose to peel his and then rub with spice.   I like to split,devein and leave the shell on with the rub.  I think the shell helps me from overcooking and I like the nooks and crannys that contain all the spice rub and smoke.

We have a bunch of fun things planned for GrateTV in the coming weeks and months.   Do you have any ideas for extreme bbq?   The bigger the better.  Five alarm spicy hot (extreme heat).   Fun with fire and hot coals.   we’re looking for crazy bbq ideas and are open for suggestions at and

We’re putting together a summer of Extreme BBQ… so keep checking back here or subscribe to the mayny feeds we’ve set up from YouTube to iTunes or our email feed.

If you already know about shrimp you can just take a look for the fun of it… but don’t forget to rate the show on youtube and sund us a GratePlate photo here.



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