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Special Sauce For Burgers – McDonalds Recipe Cracked

mcdonald's sauce ingredients

Mixing the Special Sauce


Everybody can recite the recipe of McDonald’s Flagship burger the Big Mac.


But what about that “special sauce” recipe?

McDonalds Special sauce recipe

Even more special on a home made hamburger.

I don’t have any connections at the golden arches… but I did eat a BigMac today and then I  jumped on the internet to find the closest knock off I could find.

There are a bunch of options but this one seemed the closest.  After mixing up

a dozen different BBQ sauces this week this sauce stands out as something… well special.   It was a real treat on a homemade burger.

But after 12.50 in ingredients maybe I should have just gone to McDonalds.   Still, give this McDonalds Special Sauce Recipe Knockoff a try.

It rocks.



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