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Steak Done? An OK Handy Method

If you like your steak Well-Done (like me) or Rare (like many) the fool proof way to know “when it’s done” is use a dependable instant read thermometer. After reading this you’ll probably be frustrated until you get one. Here’s some recommended beef “doneness” temperatures:

Blue rare 120°F
Rare 125 to 130°F
Medium-rare 130 to 135°F
Medium 135 to 145°F
Medium-well 145 to 150°F
Well-done 150 to 155°F
Really well done 160°F plus

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So… what if you forgot the handy meat thermometer? There’s a handy barbecue tip that’s been around a long time. “Hand”-y as in Hand. You can test your steak’s done-ness using the OK handy method. It’s easy. Massage, stretch, and shake one hand loose so that your thumb and it’s muscles are fully relaxed.

Touch the round base of your thumb on the relaxed hand. This soft resistance and feel is similar to the texture of a very rare thick steak.

Now – make the “OK” sign (don’t pinch… just close your thumb and forefinger together) and again touch the base of your thumb. This texture is similar to a medium-rare steak.

Next, touch your thumb to your middle finger. This firmer resistance is similar to the texture of a medium steak.

Press your thumb to your fourth finger. The semi-firm texture at the base of your thumb is similar to a medium-well steak.

Finally, touch your thumb to your pinky. The very firm (some would say tough) texture at the base of your thumb is close to a well-done steak.

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    Small but Informative!
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  1. […] just the right time to pull the steaks off the grill?  Use this simple BBQ Trick that we call the OK Handy method for using the ball of your thumb to determine if your BBQ meat is Rare/ Medium / or …   It’s easy… plus how to use a toothpick to test the doneness of ribs.  More on the […]

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