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Tricks for How To BBQ A Whole Chicken On A Rotisserie

Rotisserie chicken from the grocery is becoming a great quick meal. It really is delicious. But it’s even better BBQ when you do it yourself. Here’s how.

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Onion Juggling Plus Meat Mallets and BBQ Mail

Click to Play From The guys read a very lengthy letter from the mailbag and then show a use for that meat mallet in your kitchen cabinet. ;Watch for this week’s powerful secret ingredient that is used in almost everything. Hosted by three time SC State BBQ Champion Jack Waiboer and Bill West the […]

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Bite Through Chicken and Magic Apron

Chicken can be a challenge… rubbery skin.. meat too dry… The GrateTV clan takes a minute to break it down. Plus they reveal a secret ingredient perfect for poultry. Fire it up.

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