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Carving a Turkey

Carving Turkey – be it smoked, roasted or rotisserie barbecued – isn’t difficult but it helps to see what you need to do first.

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How To Use a Chimney Starter

One of the quickest ways to fix that funky fuel taste in backyard barbecue is to ditch the charcoal lighter fluid. Cooks are too often overzealous with the fuel (hey, we’re guys) and it imparts a bit of an aftertaste if you’re not careful. If you DO use lighter fluid make SURE it’s all burned […]

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How To: Skin Tomatoes

A lot of barbecue masters will use skinned tomatoes for different sauces. This is a great trick to get the thin skinned fruit peeled without testing how thin YOUR skin is! Why peel it? Some say the skins add a bitter flavor to recipes. Start with a very clean tomato without any stem: Get a […]

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