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Big Green Egg Grill – Smoking and BBQ

By H Krafston The great thing about the Big Green Egg Grill is the diversity of cooking choices that you have available to you, including the option of smoking foods, grilling, as well as outdoor baking. The Green Egg Grill is a well designed barbecue that’s easy to set up and very simple to use. […]

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Steak Done? An OK Handy Method

If you like your steak Well-Done (like me) or Rare (like many) the fool proof way to know “when it’s done” is use a dependable instant read thermometer. After reading this you’ll probably be frustrated until you get one. Here’s some recommended beef “doneness” temperatures: Blue rare 120°FRare 125 to 130°FMedium-rare 130 to 135°FMedium 135 […]

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Gettin’ Twiggy With It

In a previous post we suggested using basil twigs as a nice addition to the smoker to add that “extra something” to your grilled meat. Here’s another barbecue trick. You can use long, strong, rosemary twigs as skewers for your next elegant kebab. This is a great reason to grow a large rosemary bush in […]

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