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Smoke Ring Hack for BBQ

The smoke ring is a coveted barbecue phenomenon. A luscious pink edge that boarders the outside of the meat. Pit masters use it as a sign of true craftsmanship. Here’s the trick to perfecting your barbecue smoke ring.

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Smoker Pouches Make BBQ Better

Wood chips in Smoker Boxes and Smoker Pouches can really amp up the flavor of the food coming off a gas grill. We lay out the tricks to savoring the smoke.

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Gettin’ Twiggy With It

In a previous post we suggested using basil twigs as a nice addition to the smoker to add that “extra something” to your grilled meat. Here’s another barbecue trick. You can use long, strong, rosemary twigs as skewers for your next elegant kebab. This is a great reason to grow a large rosemary bush in […]

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