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Hand and Tooth Pick Temperature BBQ Trick

Here’s a quick tip on how to know if it’s Rare, Medium, or Well Done before you cut into the steak.

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Steak Done? An OK Handy Method

If you like your steak Well-Done (like me) or Rare (like many) the fool proof way to know “when it’s done” is use a dependable instant read thermometer. After reading this you’ll probably be frustrated until you get one. Here’s some recommended beef “doneness” temperatures: Blue rare 120°FRare 125 to 130°FMedium-rare 130 to 135°FMedium 135 […]

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Poultry’s Recommended Internal Temperature: Is It Done yet?

Looking to safely cook chicken or turkey, without having it come out dry and flavorless? The USDA says to cook until the juices of the wings and thighs run clear. The only way to do it is use a thermometer (see below), and remember the wings and thighs reach a higher temperature faster than the […]

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