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Ten Comfort Foods to Grill in Foil

One of the most convenient ways to cook food in the grill is preparing them without mess. Grilling in foil is the wisest method to do it while at the same time keeping small foods like shrimp or asparagus from falling through the grill grates.

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Scrubbing Up In a Pinch

Ever find yourself with company coming over and you need to clean the grill but you’re left with out a grill brush?! Here’s an easy trick: Grab a wad of all American aluminum foil. It’s the pit master’s duct tape! Crunch it up in a ball and utilize a pair of long handled tongs. VoilĂ ! […]

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Foiled Again – Smoking Barbecue

You don’t need a thousand dollar stainless smoker to prepare great BBQ. In fact, you may already have all you need in the kitchen. Even a gas grill can provide a succulent slow smoked flavor to almost any meat. The secret is in the smoke and getting the heat down LOW. Good thing is many […]

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