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Winning Your First BBQ Cook Off

It can be a bit daunting… These BBQ competitions look kind of intense even with all the beer and funny t-shirts there is an underlying seriousness to it all. After getting though our “first time” this past weekend at a Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned event we have a few tricks to get you through […]

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Perfect Measuring Trick

Creating the perfect sauce for barbecue often involves some sort of syrupy sweet ingredient that can make of break the secret flavor. I just saw Pat Neely of the world famous Neely’s BBQ on TV and he had a great trick for measuring heavy syrups and thick liquids like honey or molasses (two common sauce […]

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Removing That Membrane

BBQ aficiandos will argue if you really NEED to remove the membrane on the backside of a good slab of ribs. I say it’s a nice thing to do if only to make it easier to pull apart and eat each individual rib. Some like a bit of a chew. The additional benefit is that […]

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