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Weber Q 220 Unboxing

Weber QEver get a present that seems daunting to put together?  We figured the Weber Q 220 Unboxing may help.  The Weber Q 220 portable grill came in a big box and a second biggie came with a grill cart for the stand with wheels.

Overall the challenge of putting it all together wasn’t too bad.  The Weber Q 220 Unboxing took  about thirty minutes and the plasticky (in a good way) stand took another thirty minutes.  Total time was about an hour but I’m sure if you really focused in you could get it done faster (I stopped for a beer).

As you can see after the Weber Q 220 Unboxing I was able to fire up a fast hotdog and have since grilled several steaks and burgers.  However I still feel like I’m not getting as strong or as hot of a flame as I think I should.  Next step may be to try to return the reulator attachment (some other online reviews give props to Weber for good support on this).    I have had sketchy regulators in the past and my conclusion is that they are all maybe a bit too safe for safety purposes.

The Weber Q220 works great with or without the stand (looks pretty nifty with or without too).  Extra note if you plan to try to use the Weber Q with a larger propane tank as I do in the video you will need the special adapter hose. Purchased separately.

Overall – and a really very simple Weber Q 220 Unboxing and easy assembly the conclusion is it’s a nice little grill that’s well constructed where it matters and plastic most everywhere else (nice for grimy ‘que cleanup).

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3 Responses to “Weber Q 220 Unboxing”

  1. Bill Felix says:

    I’ve been looking for a good grill for tailgating, we been using charcoal for the last 10 years, but packing the car, cooking and cleanup have landed in my lap. The two choices that would make my life easier would be the Weber Q220 and the Coleman Roadtrip LXX. I am a big Weber fan owning 3- 22.5, 18.5 and a Smokey Joe. When I compare the two Portable gas Grills I keep seeing the same thing that drives me crazy, Coleman touts 22,000 BTU’s (11,000 x 2 burners) on 285 Sq in grill and the Weber states 12,000 BTU on a 280 Sq in grill. Now my buddy just bought the LXX and it just never seems to get hot enough, it takes forever to cook a steak or a 1/2 Lb burger. How much heat can I expect out of the Weber with only half the BTU’s ? Did you ever return the regulator on the Q220 ? Was that the fix ?

    • Bill West says:

      I have not returned the regulator but have been reading up on it a bit. Seems the regulators are super sensitive. I have had better luck opening the valve to the tank VERY SLOWLY and then letting the grill warm up for 10 minutes or so.

      Seems to help. It’s not super hot but I really do like the weber construction.

  2. Bill Felix says:

    Well, Weber is releasing the new line within the next month or so, maybe they will correct the problem.

    Happy Grilling,



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