bacon crust pizza

Bacon Crust Pizza

For low carb pizza fans. Or high bacon fans. The key to using bacon crust is in the weave.



  1. Weave bacon on parchment paper for easy handling. Use chilled or refrigerated bacon for easy handling.
  2. Cut bacon weave square into a round using a second – cover- sheet of parchment and a medium to large bowl. Reserve trimmed bacon.
  3. Chop ¼ red onion and sautee with chopped remaining bacon until caramelized.
  4. Smoke bacon weave in smoker at 350 degrees F for an hour.
  5. Top bacon crust with additional ingredients. One initial thin bottom layer of cheese helps to minimize leaks and softness.
  6. Add fresh basil at end of cook.
  7. Allow 10 minutes to rest and allow bottom layer to firm up before serving.Makes 4 hearty slices

Recipe by Barbecue Tricks at