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Breakfast BBQ on GrateTV Biscuit and Gravy Pizza and Breakfast Pizza Post St. Patrick So Simple Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese Beef Tenderloin BBQ Tips Pizza on The Grill

Breakfast BBQ on GrateTV

Ready to wake up to BBQ? Try a few of these GrateTV favorites. Watch 'em all at

breakfast pizza biscuit

Biscuit and Gravy Pizza and Breakfast Pizza Post

Biscuit and Gravy Pizza... Must see Breakfast Pizza Recipe

corned beef

St. Patrick’s Day BBQ

Happy St. Patricks Day! Enjoy a green beef and a few of our favorite things... Corned Beef and Cabbage on the grill anyone?

macaroni and cheese recipe

So Simple Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

Starch Madness meets BBQ. This is the perfect side to crimp your paper plate. We present our favorite side dish. A BBQ Tricks Mac and Cheese...

Beef Tenderloin BBQ Tips

A simple and amazingly tasty method for cooking beef tenderloin on a grill. This beef tenderloin recipe has been featured in competition BBQ contests had great success, so give it a try!

grilled pizza

Pizza on The Grill – Tips and Tricks

Pizza is not often associated with the world of BBQ. However BBQ Pizza On The Grill┬ácan be an easy and fun way to show off your grilling prowess and entertain friends. The first tip is to use a pizza stone. ┬áThat may sound unusual or expensive but they’re not really. Here are a BUNCH of […]

Grill Gas Check Tip

20 June 2011

Don't get caught without a full tank! Running out of propane is the number one killer of a great BBQ. Here's our "hands on" trick for seeing inside that propane tank...

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Fire Up Our Free Newsletter NOW

30 January 2010

Join the friends and fans of Barbecue Tricks by keeping up to date on news, freebies, competitions, and more with our upcoming free newsletter. We'll only send news and stuff we know you'll like. No spam. All Ham. Promise.

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How To Use a Chimney Starter

31 May 2008

One of the quickest ways to fix that funky fuel taste in backyard barbecue is to ditch the charcoal lighter fluid. Cooks are too often overzealous with the fuel (hey, we’re guys) and it imparts a bit of an aftertaste if you’re not careful. If you DO use lighter fluid make SURE it’s all burned […]

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winterize grill

Winterizing Your Grill

22 February 2014

Helpful tips in preparing your grill for the winter time. Taking these steps will add years to the life of your grill.

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Grilled Artichokes – Vegetarian BBQ Trick

28 January 2014

Vegetarian BBQ has never been easier than this simple grilled artichoke recipe. Watch in seconds as Chef Paul Stewart shows us his tip...

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superbowl party

More Than Just BBQ For The Big Game

28 January 2014

A Super Bowl party might seem like a big challenge. Take a deep breath, get organized, and you can roll with it. Check out some of our favorite tips and tricks...

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