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Steak Is the Gift Dad Craves

Some Packages Have Free Shipping

Moms and Dads are different.  Mom’s version of pampering  may be a trip to the spa, candy or flowers… but Dad wants something a little more primal.     If you’re considering gift giving for Dad for a birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas think about his appetite! Think BEEF!

These days the premium mail order food business is booming.   Why?  Because people like the quality and convenience.  Omaha Steaks is a family business that has been based in Omaha, Nebraska since 1917.

Others companies like Allen Brothers Steaks have become solid competitors but Omaha Steaks is the name most know.  The brand is held in high regard.  We unboxed Allen Brothers here.

Grilling gifts are always fun for Fathers and fresh steaks (delivered flash frozen) are almost always cherished as something unique and delicious.

Another advantage to ordering a gift from Omaha Steaks is the wide variety of food items you can select.  From Crab Legs to bratwurst… even pet food… they have a bit of everything.

When received our Dad’s day gift from Omaha Steaks we took time to do a formal unboxing and found that the company knows how to pack and preserve a box.   Everything was delivered frozen solid (thanks to a generous block of dry ice and a solidly constructed Styrofoam cooler.   It’s simply fun to get.

Omaha Steaks

See The Unboxing

The steaks and accompaniments (we received stuffed baked potatoes) were elegantly packaged in high quality boxes and strong shrink wrap.  Most important they tasted great too.

You can often take advantage of deep discounts for gift and variety packages – CHECK HERE – for the steals. is a sales affiliate of Omaha Steaks but we also love the product.

Some gift givers make sure there’s enough so Dad can cook for the entire family., Inc.

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  1. Hey…Thanks so much for a great plug – we certainly appreciate it!

  2. Bill West says:

    Thanks Steve!
    Would love Omaha Steaks as a podcast sponsor for… I have some good ideas and love the product. Who could I contact for that?

  3. What did the mayonnaise say to the refrigerator? Close the door, I’m dressing!


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