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Removing That Membrane

BBQ aficiandos will argue if you really NEED to remove the membrane on the backside of a good slab of ribs. I say it’s a nice thing to do if only to make it easier to pull apart and eat each individual rib. Some like a bit of a chew. The additional benefit is that […]

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Go Nuts For a Special Crust

A PECAN crust on your BabyBacks? Everyone at BBQ Tricks.com is ready to try this neat use for Pecans.Inspired by a Dominican Republic drink known as Mamajuana (also described as Dominican Viagra!), these ribs go through a two-stage cooking process. First a slow braise to tenderize the ribs, then grilling and basting for the char […]

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Smoke This

Don’t limit your babecue to just smoking with hickory and mesquite. Try Basil Twigs. If you happen to grow fresh basil during the summer months you’ll likely find that you have an dry bush of twigs as winter nears. Not good looking… but good for cooking! Use the completely dried twigs to add flavor to […]

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