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Sittin’ On Your BEER Chicken

Sittin’ On Your Beer Chicken… Funny name. Great Flavor.
No one here at Barbecue Tricks pretends to have created this crazy dish. It’s a technique that’s become very popular these days and there’s good reason. Once you’ve slow smoked a chicken with a can of beer in it’s butt you’re guaranteed to have some moist succulent chicken. It’s also cheap and easy.

Here’s How:

Start with a fresh whole chicken. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with paper towels. Grab two beers out of your refrigerator. Open. Pour half of beer number one in a cup and reserve.

Prepare the bird (You may want to say “This may hurt a bit”… or “brace yourself little buddy” but that’s not what we mean). Sprinkle the inside cavity with a good dose of salt and pepper or your favorite spice rub. You can now work your way under the skin of the bird and rub some additional spice rub UNDER THE SKIN to penetrate directly into the meat.

Keeping the beer can upright insert the can of beer into the chicken. In other words lower the chicken onto the can. You should be able to stand the bird upright on the can using the drumsticks to act as support. Beer can chicken has become so popular that you can even find can holders made specifically for grilling. Next brush or rub down the entire exterior of the chicken with a light coating of vegetable oil (Or spray down with some PAM cooking spray) and rub down with an additional tablespoon of barbecue rub. Go ahead and have some of the reserved beer… you’re almost done.

Place the entire contraption on an aluminum pie pan (or a good drip pan) on top of the grill .Prepare your grill to cook on indirect medium heat for about 90 minutes or until a meat thermometer reads 180 degrees. Where did that other beer go?Let the chicken rest for five minutes and then CAREFULLY remove the can of HOT beer from it’s rear.


3 tbsp. BBQ Rub (or equal parts salt pepper and paprika)
1 Whole (4lbs.) Chicken
Cooking oil spray
2 cans of Beer (12 oz.)
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