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Winterizing Your Grill

Winterizing Your Grill

winterize grillBy David Felt

So you’ve got your heater on and your windows draft proofed. But there may be something you’re forgetting that also needs special preparation in the winter time. Your grill will last much longer if you take these steps in winterizing your grill.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your grill. It’s a dirty job but getting all of that that grease and grime off now will be easier than cleaning it off when you go to use in the summer. Start up your grill and let it run on high for about 15-20 minutes, this will burn off any food that may have accumulated. Turn it off and let it cool, then use a good degreaser and really scrub it.

    • Clean the grates the same way. By letting them heat up it’s loosened a lot of that grease and will now be much easier to clean.


    • Clean the outside of the grill with a wet cloth. Clean the carbon that has built up on the inside of the lid as well. Do not use a scouring pad on the outside, this will damage the paint and thin the metal. If you are going to use an abrasive cleaner, test it on a small spot first and see how the surface reacts.


    • Take this opportunity to make any small repairs your grill may need. Replace any lines or washers that appear worn. Clean the lines and your propane tank as well. Find anything that needs to be replaced now, and order it. By the time you’re getting the grill ready during the summer you will have all the parts at hand.


    • Take a plastic bag and wrap your grill’s burners. This will prevent any moisture from settling on the element causing them to rust. Coating the burners and interior metal parts with cooking oil will also prevent moisture from building. The plastic bag will also prevent any insects or small animals from turning your grill into their winter home.


  • Store your BBQ for the winter. If it is moveable put your grill in the garage or shed. If not buy a good grill cover that will keep dirt, rain and snow from accumulating on it. If you already have a grill cover, check it beforehand. Make sure there are no rips or tears in the cover that can leave the grill susceptible to the elements. Spending $30 on a new grill cover now is better than spending $300 on a new grill in the summer.

Taking these steps to winterize your grill will ensure that come summertime your grill is in condition to fire up and start grilling.

David Felt is an account manager at Modern Propane and a grill master. He understands that the quality of food coming off a grill greatly depends on the grill itself. You can find out more about Modern Propane at

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